The Austin Knee Clinic

We don't just treat the symptoms, we address the root cause of your knee pain for long-term results

How do we do it? Our approach goes beyond temporary fixes. We delve into the root of your issue and design a tailored solution for lasting relief. With a customized treatment plan, we empower you to take charge of your long-term health.

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Knee-On-Trac© Decompression

Our Knee-On-Trac© program is a traction therapy system that reduces pain, increases joint function, and promotes tissue healing in your knees.

Cold Laser Therapy

The MLS Therapy Laser is the most advanced laser available to medical professionals. Using light waves that penetrate deep into the tissue, it stimulates inter-cellular activity to speed up the body’s healing process to about 3 times the normal rate.


Spot Cryotherapy treatment is a proven way to lower inflammation at the cellular level, reducing pain and keeping white blood cells working to accelerate healing.