CryoScreen Chyrotherapy

In our office we use a device called CryoScreen which allows us to provide fast pain relief to injured or damaged tissue without requiring you to spend time in a full body cryochamber. This treatment is called localized or spot-cryotherapy and it is a comfortable and effective way to provide almost instant pain relief for new or chronic pain.

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Relieve Pain Quickly with Neurocryostimulation (NCS).

This technique makes it possible to drop the temperature from 32°C to 4°C in 30 seconds thanks to a cold power of -78°C and 50 bars of pressure (CO2).

The Thermal Shock is Immediate

It stimulates the skin receptors that send a powerful and very fast message to the brain to get a response by the reflex system.

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The results are immediately felt by patients as:

  • A pain relief effect
  • Management of the inflammation crisis
  • Muscular relaxation
  • A vasomotor effect that allows rapid draining of hematomas and edemas

Some examples of pathologies treated:

  1. Joint problems with inflammatory flare-ups
  2. Epicondylitis
  3. Tendinopathies
  4. The aftermath of muscular accidents
  5. Post-traumatic hematomas and edemas

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